Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Been on the Menu 16

Lamb Saag alias Lamb and Spinach Curry with Chicken Korma, both with rice and fresh green beans below

Fillet Steak with Broccoflower (a cross between Broccoli and Cauliflower) Beans and Cheese sauce below

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Been on the Menu 15

I've recently been over to the Dentist and car Service place in Footscray, so of course I went to the Footscray Market again.

I was in a bit of a rush so only bought prawns and duck, which I made into the following dishes. Oh yes, bought the cutest pot of basil only $2.00, great to have it growing on the window sill in mid winter.

Prawns with fresh basil and wasabi mayonnaise. (below)
Close up showing a prawn wrapped in basil leaves with a dollop of the mayo
Served with stir fry vegetables

Roast Duck and vegetables (below)

The duck was marinated in a mixture of Hoi Sin, fish and soy sauces for a couple of hours

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Post Cards from Queensland

The weather in Melbourne has become freezing, but I still have the memories of last week up north to keep me warm.

Some photos of my all too brief sojourn in Queensland
Above Boats at Kangaroo Point
Above.The beach at Torquay Hervey Bay
Above: The beach at Mooloolabah
Above: The boat harbour at Urangan
Above: Cafes along boat Harbour at Urangan

Post Cards from Queensland (Cont)

Above: Sea wall at Urangan looking towards Fraser Island
Above: Fountain Botanical Gardens Urangan

Above: Lush Vegetation

Above: Climbers..you know your in the tropics when you see this

Monday, June 8, 2009

What's Been on the Menu 14

Eating out with my son last week meant the meals tended to have a young man's flavour. eg Nachos. They were good

Nachos at the Surf Club Kirra (above)

Our friends in Torquay at Hervey Bay have a Pizza Restaurant where Paolo creates Italian cooking in true rustic style , phoning his Mum back in Italy to get the authentic family recipes.
Above Fresh Calamari for starters followed by Gnocchi with a traditional ragu.

Above & Below: Salad and a special order Calzone

Living on the River

My youngest son has been living in Brisbane for a few years and is now living on the Brisbane River on a boat right in the heart of Brisbane. Very handy for going to work

It is a friendly busy little community with many boaties rowing their dinghies to a pontoon and then off to their various jobs.

View to the South
Of course there are mooring fees and for these the boaties have their own toilets, showers and laundry facilities, even an oar room for locking up their oars. Cute.
View looking North

Friends on the Gold Coast.

Old friends are like gold friends.

Had to go up to Queensland and how delighted was I that I could visit and stay with my friend and her lovely husband.

They have one of those great houses on the canals on the Gold Coast which is just wonderful for someone from cold old Victoria to visit. Like having your own personal resort. Too cold for a swim but just sitting having breakfast over looking the swimming pool is a joy in its' self.

View from breakfast room....very nice
And did I say breakfast, well nothing less than homegrown PawPaw picked right off the tree.
Red Paw Paw above
Has to be a little under ripe because if left too long on the tree, the fruit bats will move in and steal them.

Where are we?

Callignee is situated in the foothills of the Strezlecki 's in Gippsland, Victoria.