Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visit to the Art Gallery of NSW

When we were in Sydney over the Christmas holidays we went to the Art Gallery of NSW in the Domain. Isn't it funny how people will go to these places in another city yet they are forgotten in their own towns due no doubt to the hurley burley of mainstream family life.

Below: Interior of one of the Gallerys

Below: I have a thing about Bowls and this one certainly caught my eye... Japanese from 15th Century.

Below: Celadon Ware
Beautiful Colour and my favourite. The below were produced in Southern China in the Song dynasty (960-1279). This era had the most excellent glazes which still have never quite been reproduced.

Below: My favourite Hindu fellow Ganesha. Love elephants.

Below: Thai Buddha entroned under the seven headed naga (serpent)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Been on the Menu 25

I do apologise for being off line for so long.

Below: Great tasting but weird looking tomatoes.

Below: Seafood thingy

Below: Yummy snack...slice of spinach & fetta pie, French cheeses and the first fig of the season.

Below: Eaten at the Manly Ocean Beach House, right on the sand and shady in the afternoon..... bliss. Thai fish cakes

Below: At the same restaurant Fettucine with various good things.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love Sydney Part 1

Just back from a sorely needed break in Sydney. Love this city.

Below: Where else?

View of the Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Botanical Gardens

Below: The Harbour Bridge at sunset overlooking the Opera Bar...from a distance the noise of all the people sounded like a herd of well, possibly wildebeest!

Below: Circular Quay.... with The World on the right (passenger cruise ship)

Below: Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the Parramatta ferry.

Below: Lunch at Manly beach.

Love Sydney Part 2

Which fabulous restaurant to go to while in Sydney was a dilema.

However, who can forget the final of Masterchef 2009 when Matt Moran from Aria went to Justine's home and asked her to come train at his restaurant. It obviously pays to do TV because it did sway me to go to his restaurant, and I'm so glad I did.

The location on the edge of Sydney Harbour has you Gasping as you enter. Is the food worth 2 chef's hats from the SMH from 2007-2010.....well it is pretty good.

Below: Interior

Below: Tomato Juice essence free starter (who doesn't love a freebie)...I know there is a word for this I'll try to remember it Edit : Finally remembered the words...amuse bouche

Below: Belly Pork...melt in your mouth meat with crunchy crackling

Below: Vegetables..the most delicious mashed potatoes ever, flavoured with truffle oil, and good old rocket and parmesan.

Love Sydney Part 2A

Below: Duck Pate

Below: Steamed Snapper

Below: Trevalle a New Zealand fish (not to be confused with the similar named Australian fish)

Below: Peach Souffle and juice

The airey nothingness of this dessert was a little too nothingness for me....I don't think there was any flour in the soufle mix at all, so it was peach flavoured egg whites, brilliantly cooked and presented in a small copper pot with handle...but

Below: Ice cream

Thank you Aria

Love Sydney Part 3


Sitting at the cafe at the corner of Macleay St and Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross, by the Alamein fountain, I decided that people watching was becoming all about the shoes.

Since Carrie in Sex and the City found she had squandered the deposit to buy an apartment on buying shoes instead, I guess shoes have become a big deal.

Some girls could walk effortlessly in 20cm heels with 10cm platforms, while others needed more practice. These photos don't do the heel parade justice.

Where are we?

Callignee is situated in the foothills of the Strezlecki 's in Gippsland, Victoria.