Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love Sydney Part 2

Which fabulous restaurant to go to while in Sydney was a dilema.

However, who can forget the final of Masterchef 2009 when Matt Moran from Aria went to Justine's home and asked her to come train at his restaurant. It obviously pays to do TV because it did sway me to go to his restaurant, and I'm so glad I did.

The location on the edge of Sydney Harbour has you Gasping as you enter. Is the food worth 2 chef's hats from the SMH from 2007-2010.....well it is pretty good.

Below: Interior

Below: Tomato Juice essence free starter (who doesn't love a freebie)...I know there is a word for this I'll try to remember it Edit : Finally remembered the words...amuse bouche

Below: Belly Pork...melt in your mouth meat with crunchy crackling

Below: Vegetables..the most delicious mashed potatoes ever, flavoured with truffle oil, and good old rocket and parmesan.

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