Wednesday, December 10, 2008

King of the Parrots

...... or better known as the Australian King Parrot. We have a small flock of one male, two females and three juveniles that must live nearby because they are daily visitors to our busy observation deck. Their arrival is announced by the males piping whistle, not too loud as to be annoying. I can make a fair imitation with pursed lips and he seems to respond, with this conversation going on until some wild bird seed arrives at the feeding table. Lovely for me to be to converse with wild birds.

Male and Female King Parrots

They are a very friendly, trusting parrot and will after a short time take seed from your hand.

Mature Male KIng Parrot

These photos do not do justice to the brilliant flame red of the males' head and chest, nor the stripe of irridescent aqua along their wing....very striking in the flesh err ...feather.

Female King Parrot

Juvenile Male King Parrot

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