Tuesday, February 3, 2009

John Cleese likes the fish here too.

Over the holiday break we spent some time wandering around our favourite little fishing Village.... Port Albert

This town, which was apparently the first fishing port established in Victoria, anyway it is down on the Gippsland coast further east of Wilson's Prom.
Gorgeous little town, with heritage homes, terrific old pub, good latte cafes and a very good restaurant called Wildfish.

Views from the outside bar at Wild fish

Wildfish is a new restaurant right on the fisherman's jetty where you can eat inside or buy fish and chips outside to have while admiring the wonderful views. We went there for lunch and Ian had the best steak EVER and I had tuna gravlax ...it looked so tasty I nearly forgot to photograph it.

Tuna Gravlax

The funny thing is that in the newspaper The Age on 4th Feb 2009, there was a little snippet that John Cleese had been travelling around Victoria over the same time and had gone purposely to Wildfish for the whiting....no booking, whiting sold out ...no problem - he had the snapper instead and he too loved the restaurant.

Boats moored at several of the jetties in Port Albert

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