Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Stress

The builder that has been engaged to do the repair work around the house by the insurance company has been causing further upset and mayhem. (See below Working Through)
He rang about ten days ago and said to Ian..”Can you pick me up in M……” cause I don’t want to bring the truck out to your place.”….a round trip of 75 Kms TWICE. Ian didn’t.

Late in the afternoon we hear someone yelling down at the front gate, for someone to drive him up to the house. We yell back that ordinary cars have been going up and down the driveway all day and that we are sure his small Isuzu truck will make it.!!!

More demands, admonishments, questions “how am I going to get the tank into the property?” “Can my work men camp here in tents, I’ll provide a Porta Loo”?
He leaves and we are stressed out again.

I would say the final straw happened on last Friday however it wasn’t.

When we arrived at the property we saw that someone had broken into the house through the back toilet window. As there was no Porta Loo anywhere it wasn’t hard to guess who had done this. Nothing was taken but there was lots of mess in the bathroom and finger prints all over the wall next to the window.

We contacted our builder who rang us back saying that none of his men had broken in but they did use the toilet as the back door was unlocked. This of course was not true. Grrrr all he had to do was apologise as it wasn’t a big drama, by denying made the whole thing more sordid. Ian was furious.

Ian had already left the property and I was late leaving on Monday morning. Thank Goodness as two major disasters were averted.

The builders mates turned up and I mentioned I would move my car out of there way. “Where are you going to park it” ?
“Oh just down there”
“The whole driveway is being fenced first so don’t be long”

"What ????"

They were going to fence the driveway with barbed wire at Tony (the builders’ instruction) It would have been awful, it never was fenced and never was any mention made of this. Why would you want to fence in this pleasant drive up to the house. Of course the drive no longer looks like this but I am told it will again one day!!

Then the painters turned up with the WRONG colour paint. Not just a little bit different but with Pink paint instead of a beige colour. Tony had told them the wrong colour.

I rang the Insurance fellow and told him the troubles and said I could no longer even speak to Tony. Tony did call back and started to say something about getting our property confused with another one, but I said I had to hang up and I did.

Some friends of ours organised a working bee and 10 of us got to work clearing, weeding chainsawing, and planting new plants.

The garden bed before our friends got stuck into it.

This was a very lovely thing for them to do and we really appreciated it.

Garden Bed after a serious going over.

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