Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ikea Visit

I had the opportunity to visit Ikea (Melbourne) again last week.

Above. I love the green and Gold pouring bowls....couldn't help but buy one of each. I think I have a bowl addiction.

I like to let at least a year go by between visits and then I enjoy wandering around seeing what's new, colours, kitchens, gadgets etc.

Above.Cute little lamps
It is such an enormous store and I believe it can get very crowded on the weekend. I have however always managed to time my visits when it's quiet and can fully enjoy the experience.

Ikea have a good range of well priced, good quality materials.
I like to make new cushion covers every 2nd year and also change them seasonally summer/winter.

A word........remember to validate your parking ticket at the checkout and then again at the pay/parking machine before getting in your car and finally putting ticket in boom gate machine as you drive out.

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