Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Been on the Menu No 28

Pork tried the new sous vide way of cooking ....think I should have left it in the water bath for longer than 2 hours as it wasn't especially melt in the mouth. The purple cabbage was a hit.

I went to Jamie Olivers' cooking show at the HiSense Arena (looking abit tatty) and while I enjoyed it very much I was glad the tickets were a gift as I wouldn't have paid $100 for a seat.

He was his "sorry Luv" as usual but the most hilarious part was when he cooked a meal while playing the drums.... had me in fits of laughter and his sing along song Lamb Curry has a way of lingering in the mind (unfortunately) lol.

Below is his chicken fillet wrapped in prosciutto and filled with parmesan cheese and sprinkle of thyme very easy to do.

Below: My Bruschetta...
chopped tomatoes, red onions (sliced very fine) olives and fetta served on lettuce and a toasted turkish roll and drizzled with french dressing

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