Monday, September 22, 2008

Possum Damage

We have befriended one of the brush tail possums and she has become very tame, allowing us to pat her and to stroke her baby when it is out of the pouch and on her back.

We thought by feeding her it would stop her eating our roses....
however sometimes she doesn't show up at the glass doors scratching for a feed, and goes straight for the roses.
These roses will never thrive and flower because as fast as they put on new growth, poss eats it off them.
The following photos show how strong she is as well, because quite a large rose branch has been broken due to her manoeuvres.

Needless to say the roses are now covered by wire which doesn't look the best but hopefully will allow these roses to put on some growth.

1st Photo: Mum Poss herself, boss of the wash around here
2nd Photo:The rose Bonica.... eaten
3rd Photo: Broken branch of rose bush

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