Monday, December 21, 2009

An Interesting Restaurant Part 1


We went to the Robert De Niro Restaurant at the Crown Casino the other evening, and I am afraid to say , for me, it was an underwelming experience.

It serves contempory Japanese food which I must say lives up to the reputation Chef Nobu Matshisa has created...deliciously exotic.

The Food, yes the food was great, however at the risk of sounding whiney, I do not particularly enjoy "a share the plate" sort of degustation menu where you only get one slice of albeit the most beautifully delicate flavoured raw tuna you could ever imagine. You can order a personal meal but we went with the waiter's suggestion of 6 courses and a dessert.

Below: Outside Nobu from the walk along the Yarra River.

Below: Inside the restaurant. The restaurant is in the basement and therefore has a very low ceiling...could I imagine Robert de Niro walking amongst the tables smiling at the customers....No.

and the noise, I know, I know I've been in noisy restaurants before and can shout comments to my fellow diners with the best of them.....but this took noise to a whole other level. The wall of hanging river stones was intriguing.

Below: The tables do not have a table cloth and while I am sure the wood is a wonderful and rare Japanese Fir, still it is a polymer finished surface on which the food is served. This decor has met with approval in 20 or so restaurants worldwide, so I guess it is just a quirk of mine that I like a crisp white table cloth.

Below: Raw Salmon.

See Post below for more dishes.

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