Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping at old Haunts

A few years ago my office was just around the corner from High Street Malvern and I loved it being my local shopping haunt. I visited there the other day and found "some things change some stay the same"....

Below: The Antique Market still the same with great old things to buy.

Below: This old book shop used to be a favourite of mine.
Below: New Wheel & Barrow. Somehow I thought this was a store in London so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up on High Street.

Below: Interior Wheel & Barrow
Below: Interior Wheel & Barrow

I bought some baskets, some coffee mugs, a new bowl ( I know I know) and a gadget that shreds unripe mango...whose been watching Luke Nguyens' Vietnam....his Asian cooking show on SBS then????

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