Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Yum Cha

Sunday brunch at a Traditional Chinese Restaurant saw us at The Teapot in Springvale.
Yum Cha littorally means tea drinking and so we did drink Chinese tea.
But for those of you who haven't partaken, Yum Cha has also come to mean the eating of a variety of small dishes, steamed or fried in bamboo baskets and these are presented on wheeled trolleys from which you can choose what you want. Its sort of a 'ceremony' if you like.

Below: The Teapot

Below: Interior. You can see the girls with one of the steam trolleys.
Below: Eel wrapped in puff pastry and tied with a spinach ribbon...Yuk and I could still taste the oily fishy flavour hours later

Below: Prawn dumplings

Below: Stuffed Sticky rice wrapped in leaves (not sure what sort of leaf)

We did have other dishes such as the char su (pork) buns which were very nice but on the whole it wasn't one of my favourite dining experiences. Hardly anything green or vegetable like to eat, And I missed out on trying the lotus root.

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