Sunday, November 30, 2008


We have two that regularly visit our property. One is a large grumpy male, the other smaller and could be a female.
The more grey and cute female. The browner male sleeping up a Gum Tree

The noise a Koala makes is quite startling and upon hearing it for the first time it will without doubt make you say ”what in the world was that?”

The usually passive sleepy male koala come mating time emits these weird loud echoing hoarse grunting sounds that roll on and on getting louder and louder. The female utters shrieks and grunts as well.

If I step outside in the night especially in the Spring he will suddenly start up with this spine chilling bellow, sometimes very nearby and it scares me half to death even though I know it is just him.

One warm night not so long ago we had a few people over for dinner and we served the meal outside on the deck. Owing to the slope of the land the deck is quite high off the ground certainly mid tree height. Mr Koala was in a tree very close by to the house and he didn’t like us being out there at all. First of all he started his noises and finally to show his disgust with us he threw himself at a branch near us, arms in the air and gave one almighty bellow at us then scrambled down the tree and waddled away into the night muttering to himself.
The rose Duchesse de Brabant and the Koala nearby

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