Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time in Hampton

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I currently spend a few days of the week working in Melbourne and therefore I stay at our place in Hampton.
The early morning warm sunlight streams through the bougainvillea into the lounge at Hampton. It is a pleasant place to be, but not as absorbing a lifestyle as being at Tree Change Callignee.

Occasionally, Ian has to return to Melbourne for meetings regarding his work and when he is up in town, we take the opportunity to visit our friends and sometimes go out for dinner.

Last night we went to an Indian restaurant called Roti Boti. Yes catchy name and they must be doing something right because they have been in the same spot in Hampton for nearly 20 years.
Lately, we have been disappointed with restaurant Indian food, seems to be same old - same old and not the interesting spicey food we remember from the early days of Indian food in the 70’s in England and the same in Melbourne.

However this food was actually really good. Mango Chicken , Lamb Saag with plenty of spinach, and a Goat Curry for Ian that was full of complicated flavours and not just ’hot’.

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