Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Sleeping Buffalo

Mt Buffalo near Myrtleford and Bright in north west Victoria was named by explorers William Hovel and Hamilton Hume in 1824 from it's supposed resemblance to a sleeping buffalo.

Ian and I explored this astonishing place over a short time taken in the area over the Christmas period. Upon reaching the upper plateau we were pleased to see that it flattens out and there is a lake.

In times past the Aboriginal people made summer ascents to this plateau to meet and gather the protein rich Bogong moths' that cluster in the rocks. How they ever travelled up the steep inclines with elders and children we will never know.

It was sad to see the Mt Buffalo Chalet built 1910 is now closed having fallen into disrepair.

I was delighted to see many alpine flowers blooming in the cool air with intense sunlight.

Alpine Daisy

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