Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Market

I love it when I have to go to the dentist, no not some sort of masochist, but it means I must travel to a suburb which has a great Market.

Footscray Market. The surrounding area has a great variety of ethnic residents, Vietnamese, Nigerians, Indians, Chinese, Ethiopians and the market reflects the different cuisine from these countries.

There I can buy filleted duck breast, duck maryland, any sort of pigeon, quail, pheasant. The variety of fish and shell fish is amazing and very fresh. Love the fish balls.

All kinds of meats cut in different ways to inspire new recipes. ..

and vegetables, well there are the tried and true plus varieties that I've never seen before. They had these unusual Asian greens which look like a cross between a coleus and a plectranthus (only kidding I really wouldn't eat those... promise) but at 80 cents for a huge bunch, I thought I'd try them. I asked the woman "Stir fry" ? she said "NO Soup"!!! You can see the Duck soup in the previous post.

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