Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dreaming of that Green and Pleasant Land ...England

As you might know our lovely gardens and grounds at Treechange Callignee were burnt out by the devastating Bushfires that swept through Victoria on the first Saturday in February and I know I keep mentioning this to various people but this experience really has changed our lives……No more beautiful peaceful green surroundings where you can lose a whole morning gazing at the huge variety of birdlife flitting amongst the trees…..No just sad old burnt out trees and no birds.

Anyway I got to dreaming about other gardens I have had in the past where green was the prominent colour, and one in England came to mind. A house I lived in for about 5 years in Buckinghamshire and where I first acquired a real love of roses. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the rose garden at the rear, just this snap I took of the old house when I was last in UK a couple of years ago. (Below)

Other gardens then came to mind in the UK, Ian’s uncle Jimmys’ rear walled garden in Yorkshire. He has delphinium growing down to an art. (Below)

I recalled the garden and lawns around the large old house I lived in for 3 years in Surrey. I used to mow that lawn and try to achieve the desired chequer board pattern but alas never quite managed it. The photo below was taken 2 years ago when we called by to see if it was still there.(Below)
I remembered the over whelming green of the back garden and stream that flowed through the bottom of Ian’s cousin Callums’ home….where children (and the young at heart adults) can paddle in icey flowing crystal clear water, dodging the large trout and ducks. The trout are only allowed to be fished by a member of royalty and to take one would still be regarded as poaching. These trout are so tame it seems you could catch one by hand, and although they look like eels in the photo they are in fact trout.

Finally, I remembered the garden of our friend Roger whom we visited at his home in Portugal with flamboyant bougainvillea spilling out on the pergola over the outdoor table and lush green lawns surrounding the refreshing swimming pool.

Who can blame me if my thoughts turn to these past green delights.

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