Monday, April 6, 2009

The Great Wall of Callignee

We had a retaining wall, covered in Ivy, hardly noticable.
Now we have the Great Wall of Callignee.

How tired you must be of hearing about "the builders" and how tired I am of them.

It's just his way of talking:

"This job has been huge and cost me alot of money"

I then physically start to hurt from the guilt he is putting on me, because our place was burnt and the insurance company hired him???? I know I shouldn't but the trauma of the whole thing has set up an automatic response in me.

"The truck lost the load of steel off the back coming up the drive because it's so steep"

More guilt, because my driveway is steep and the load on his truck wasn't secured properly???

"I am trying to do the best for you but there is only so much me and my wife can afford to contribute to this job"


"I am sorry the other damage occurred but we had to get a crane in for the steel posts"

More guilt for the breaking of our pathing by the crane, by now the hole in my stomach is huge.

Should all be over by Wednesday ...stay tuned.


lady jicky said...

Hang in there - that pill of a builder will be gone soon!
Karma will get him!

I have just found your blog Neely and I guess this is a stupid question but ....
do you grow roses there too?

treechangecallignee said...

Sorry for the delay in answering LJ.

I did have some roses growing here but unfortunately they were either burnt or the possums and wallabies have eaten them. This has been very disappointing for a rose lover as you can imagine.

Where are we?

Callignee is situated in the foothills of the Strezlecki 's in Gippsland, Victoria.