Sunday, April 19, 2009

My kinda Town Port Albert Is!

I have mentioned this little town in a previous post and it continues to be a favourite place to visit.

Port Albert in the early 1800's was the busiest Port next to Melbourne in Victoria. 2000 people lived within a 4 mile radius of the town. However, when the train line to Sale was introduced shipping to Gippsland took a backseat to the safer passage of goods via the railway.
The Sea Museum. (below)
Streetscape 1. Showing the historical pub, the oldest continually open pub in Victoria (below)

Streetscape 2. Shows the old Customs House that has been turned into a Cafe. (below)

Footpath. This shows the General Store which has also been turned into a Cafe. (below)

Cafe and General Store garden with a magnificent ornamental grapevine.(below)

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