Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Green was my Valley

The valley we drive through on our way to our home, has remained free of an abundant yellow flowering pasture weed commonly known as Capeweed.

Valley with no Capeweed


Another View of Valley

Capeweed or Arctotheca calendula has colonised large areas of the whole of Australia and has become an ‘A’ rated noxious weed. Even if the farmers wanted to spray their land to be rid of this pest it would be practically useless as it has become pretty much resistant to the biyridylium herbicides. It is reported to be poisonous to cattle if eaten in large quantities….and in some paddocks there is pretty much nothing else to eat at the moment.


However, it has a beauty of it's own of course and the paddocks of Capeweed make a brilliant yellow show in the Spring sunshine.

Paddocks fully covered in Capeweed.

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