Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip to Leo

Leongatha that is. It is an attractive little town and I like going there with Ian when he has to go there for work.

Left: Tulips in Leongatha Right: Tulips and Gazanias Main St Leongatha

There is a store there Henrietta's that I like. You can have a lunch, a coffee, a cake and then browse through their well stocked homewares..good prices too .

Left: Exterior Henriettas Right: Interior Henriettas

I had been wanting these French glasses since I saw them in France, where little cafes serve ordinary vin de pays in these extraordinary glasses, and had even searched the net. with the possibility of buying them online....found them here - inexpensive and Made in France not China.
They had other glasses with bees on them. The bee is an ancient emblem of French Royalty going back to the Merovingian times and even before that as a symbol of wisdom from the time before Solomon.

French Goblet wine glass and Bee glass. B for Beer maybe.

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