Monday, October 6, 2008

Vegetable Garden

The photo is of our crazy terraced vegetable beds. The land here is quite steep in parts and therefore to have vegetable beds near the house ( which is practical) we have had to use wood and sleepers to create a terraced arrangement.

I have been digging over the beds and putting on some compost getting ready for this summers crop of vegetables.We have had quite alot of rain so the work has been easy with lovely soft earth to dig into. I think digging is therapeautic, well in as much as, I think therefore I dig

Don't laugh at my floppy wire's to keep the possums out.

Planning on putting in a variety of tomatoes, some from self saved seeds of Rainy’s Maltese, Gross Lisse , a variety known as Little Hearts and some others.

Want to sow heaps of Basil this year. In the past have always had Basil growing but never enough, well not enough to make pesto. Love Pesto. We use Basil as a garnish on many salads, but of course always on tomatoes.
We have some seeds of Radicchio, which I have big hopes for to use the individual leaves as cups for potato salads and also have seeds of the ordinary chicory also know as whitloof or Belgium endive. These make great little bite size containers for a tasty starter of say Caviar dip, or hommus.

Roll on summer.

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