Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's Blooming in Melbourne

Currently I am staying at our townhouse in Melbourne for 4 days per week. This will go on as long as I am still working at a nearby Bayside office. Ian stays in Gippsland all the time owing to his work commitments.

In Melbourne, our garden is semi formal at the front and a complete mess at the back. Now that daylight savings time is upon us I will endeavour to get the back garden weeded and looking like a cottage garden again.

The Clivias have decided to bloom their heads off this year. That would be right as they are probably pot bound and have received little water, or only what has fallen from the heavens. Proof that they are hardy and thrive on neglect.

These beauties were bought as one little two leaf plant some years ago (about 10) when yellow and cream clivias first hit the ‘most wanted’ flower list. I would like to get them in the ground down at Gippsland and I am currently preparing a bed for them which will show them off to their advantage.

My other show off bloomin’ marvel is this moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) shown in the photo. I was given this as a present last March and the flowers on it lasted several months then fell off. It has been by a north facing window and receiving one tablespoon of water once a week and low and behold it is blooming again just after a cold old Melbourne winter.

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