Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunch at Docklands

The opportunity arose to have lunch in the new area developed as Docklands down on the waterfront in Melbourne. This area, which is so close to the actual City of Melbourne, was in the past hidden by a cluster of old sheds…..who knew the Bay was so close to Flinders Street.

The area is now affectionately known as Legoland, due to the squarish multi coloured buildings that have arisen over the past 10 years.

Before everything became so new and pristine, and grass grew where there is now concrete, a friend of ours had his eighty foot old wooden boat tied up alongside the quay The Remeere. This colourful old boat together with the old sail training vessel the Alma Doepel and the restored steam tugboat the Wattle, made for an old boatie atmosphere, a camaraderie and we joined lots of parties and memorable boating trips that were launched from that area.

Those old character boats have now gone having been replaced by sleek plastic cruisers, including Greg Normans super yacht ‘Aussie Rules” 228 feet, $70 million of pure luxury, which was tied up there in 2005.

Lunch was good, 3 Cheeses Gnocchi, Farfalle and Smoked Salmon and my wine, a wooded Chardonnay was great.

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