Monday, October 27, 2008

Snake in the Grass

We went for a walk down to our little Ferny Creek on Sunday, to water the ferns as it has been very dry of late and a couple of the ferns are newly planted having been given to us by a friend.

Ian has set up a pipe that siphons water from the dam, which is great, no pumps, no electricity and reasonable hose pressure.

While I was watering I noticed him jump back with a strange look on his face…..snake in the grass…. a red bellied black, our first sighting for the year.

We see this one or another, quite often sunning themselves near the Dam. Luckily, they are a reasonably shy snake and will just glide away if you don’t threaten them. Also we have heard that they tend to keep the tiger snakes away from their territory so this is a good thing.

Hard to see the snake in the grass? Yes that is just the point!

Think we’ll keep to the mowed paths as they provide good viewing for what’s ahead.

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